Charcter creation

Pilot sheet
Name: Your name, shouldn’t need much more explaination then that.

Faction of origin: (Any faction your character may have previously served in, If civilian list as N/A)

Mech: Your currently piloted mech

Now before we continue, lets outline how the system works, there are two things you’ll need to work with, pilot stats and mech stats. We’ll start with pilot since you’ll need to figure these out before you get a mech. Pilot points are effectively your raw stats, you’ll need to level these up to keep up outside of your mech. You’ll get 2 points in each to start, along with 5 points to distribute through out them. To begin, we’ll break down each stat individually, most of them are self explainitory.

HP is your health, if it drops below 0, theres a good chance you’ve died (Note, 1 pilot point gives you about 10 HP)

Attack is well, your attack, useful for hurting people mostly

Defense is used to block incoming attacks

Agility is basically your speed/slash reaction time.

Intel is more or less your intelegence

Charisma is how persauvive you are.

Pilot points: HP 30, attack 2, defense 2, agility 2, intel 2, charisma 2

As for pilot skills, these will be listed below with each costing a pilot point unless stated otherwise

Junkhound: You get a %10 discount on mechs and parts, note that this may only be taken 4 times, can’t have you getting stuff for free can we?

Newtype: As a psychic, you may make an intel roll to see the future and get a bonus to agility-dodge rolls

Innovator: (May only be taken after high exposure to GN particles)

Whispered: You must pick a technical subject that your character has special knowledge of, it cannot be something that another Whispered has. You will receive an intel bonus in the field of knowledge.

Geass: You have a special power from a ether a contract or element power, subject to GM approval. Geass powers must be acquired from an immortal such as C.C. or V.V.

Element power: You have an ability that reflects your personality, must be worked out with GM

Spiral power: Once per game, you may use Spiral power to reroll a failed action, the result you get will be whichever was higher.

Beastman: As a beast man, you are part animal and get a +2 bonus to all your stats, however you may not use spiral power.

Shuffle crest: (Note, this may not be taken at char creation, as it must be acquired from a current shuffle alliance member) You will get a +1 bonus to attack and defense

X rounder:


Pilot skills: 5
Cash: 500

Charcter creation

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