Zaku II

Mobile suit


Model name Zaku II
Model number MS-06F
HP 400 defense bonus 3, attack bonus 2, size 3, speed 1
Gear 40 damage 120mm machine gun (Range of 3 spaces, 20 ammo, kinectic weapon), 50 damage heat hawk (Range of 1 spaces, melee weapon), 3x 40 damage ‘cracker’ hand gernade (Range of 3 spaces, radius of 2 spaces, explosive weapon). 80 damage zaku Bazooka (Range of 5 spaces, 5 ammo, explosive weapon), 60 damage M top cannon (Range of 7 spaces, 10 ammo, kinectic weapon)


Introduced early during the One Year War as a replacement for the C-type Zaku II, the F-type is the most heavily mass-produced version of the Zaku II line and serves as the mainstay of the Zeon military. It’s the F-type that is also the most well-known version of Zeon’s mobile suit forces. Although fully capable of operating on Earth, the F-type is designed primarily for space combat (although the F-type does see limited use in Earth-based ground combat). A nearly identical variant of the F-type, the J-type, is designed and employed as a ground combat unit.

Zaku II

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