Knightmare Frame


Model name Sutherland.
Model number RPI-13.
HP 300 defense bonus 2 attack bonus 2, size 2, speed 3
Gear: 2 50 damage slash harkens (Range of 3 spaces),
20 damage, 30 ammo stun guns (Range of 3 spaces),
2 40 damage stun tonfas (Range of 1 space, melee weapon),
2 40 damage chaos mine frag gernades (range of 3 spaces, radius of 2 spaces),
60 damage assualt rifle w/ 80 damage gernade launcher (Range of 4 spaces, 100 damage large cannon (Range 5 spaces)
70 damage lance (Range of 1 spaces)


Designed and developed after the conquest of Japan/Area 11, the RPI-13 Sutherland is in many ways a refinement of its predecessor, the RPI-11 Glasgow. Although it is an advanced and effective design, much of the Glasgow’s success comes from Britannia’s overwhelming numerical and economical superiority to Japan. Further, the Glasgow is designed primarily to combat tanks and other “traditional” ground combat machines; this proves to be a liability, as its own success means that nations such as the Chinese Federation and EEU began seriously pursuing Knightmare design. Thus, the Sutherland is created with the possibility of battles with other Knightmares in mind. To that end, it features a redesigned, simplified cockpit system with improved life support, as well as the landspinners being refined for higher speed and efficiency. Many of these improvements are passed back to the Glasgow in the form of upgrades. The Sutherland eventually replaces the aging Glasgow as Britannia’s main battle unit, as well as being used as the basis for the RPI-209 Gloucester, the personal machine of Princess Cornelia Li Britannia and her team of pilots.


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